Skin Worthy Tattoo

Is your tattoo SKIN WORTHY?

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1601 6th St SW - zipcode: 52404, Cedar Rapids - IA

We are a custom tattoo shop with the mission of giving you the best tattoo possible, without charging you an arm and a leg. We have artwork for all budgets, and are willing to work with you. You're getting a tattoo that is going to be on your body for the rest of your life, and our promise is to give you the best experience when you walkthrough the door. No rockstar attitudes here, modesty is our policy. When you enter our doors, you've entered our family!

Past Events

Skin Worthy 1st Annual Halloween Bash

This year we will be hosting a Halloween Bash on Friday, October 28, 2011. Make sure to stop d...

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Vote for Skin Worthy Tattoo on KCRG's A List!

Please take a moment to vote for Skin Worthy Tattoo on KCRG's A List. Please invite your f...

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