Lefty's Tattoo Co. CS

Lefty's Tattoo Co. CS is the second branch of the original Lefty's Tattoo in San Fran. We are family owned and operated, so get in where you fit in!

Tattoo & Piercing Shop Professional Service

4711 N Academy Blvd - zipcode: 80918, Colorado Springs - CO

WELCOME TO LEFTY'S TATTOO CS! As this is the Colorado Springs branch to Lefty's SF, you can expect the same standards- cleanliness, authenticity, friendliness, and quality. With Lefty (Johnny Kimble) here himself, as well as other local artists and frequent guest artists, you will be getting years of experience put into your artwork! That's a tattoo you will really want to show off and be proud of! Not only that, but you will be walking away with a fun, memorable experience to boot. So what are you waiting for? Make your way over to Lefty's, and don't worry about those appointments, walk-ins are always welcome!

*Military Discount Offered

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Past Events

Friday the 13th at Lefty's!

Friday the 13th at Lefty's!

It's our Friday the 13th Tattoo Event here at Lefty's Tattoo!
$13 tattoo with $7...

at Lefty's Tattoo Co. CS

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