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1955 Harrison Ave / Crystal Springs - zipcode: 26241, Elkins - WV

We are a State of the Art Tattoo/Piercing Studio with two locations; Elkins and Buckhannon. All of our Artists are certified in Blood Bourne Pathogens and Cross-Contamination. We at Infiniti take much pride in the Art that we provide our clients and customer satisfaction is our primary concern, to each and every person that comes into our shop.

We GUARANTEE you the Cleanest, most Sterilized Studio around this area as well as the Friendliest Customer Service and family atmosphere. All of our piercing jewelry is packaged and sterilized through a professional Autoclave machine. All of our Tattoo AND Piercing Needles are purchased pre-packaged and sterilized from only professional Tattoo Supply Companies that only sell to Studios with a State and Federal Business License. We specialize in Custom Art work, flash Art work and welcome designs that you bring into the shop.

We are asked many times for pricing over the phone and internet, and we regret that we are unable to give that information for tattoos. It is unfair to you, the client, as well as the Artist to price an Image without first having the exact sizing, placement, detail and more. Piercings are able to be priced over the phone.

We only want to offer the best prices for the BEST Quality. We guarantee all of our work so that you can feel confident in any Art you receive from our State of The Art Studio.

We welcome and comments that you have, GOOD OR BAD, however, because of the commitment that we make to our clients in guaranteeing any work that you have done here and we stand behind any work that walks our of our doors, we ASK that if you have a problem, question or concern or are unhappy in ANY way that you please private message us and not publicly. We will do everything that we can to resolve ANY issue in a positive way and make you HAPPY with coming back to our Studio.

We also carry a large supply of Body Jewelry from nose rings, belly button rings, to gauges and more. All of our Body Jewelry is $5.00 with the exception of some of our Plugs which are $10 and $15 per set.

As well as tattoos and piercings we also provide all Smokers with the alternative to Smoking. We carry a large line of E-Cigarettes and Accessories. We do not carry the ones that Go Mart, Smoker Friendly and other convenience stores carry. Please know that our Vapor Products are of a Good Quality and so the pricing can not be compared to those of the convenience stores. We carry a large line of Vapor E-Juice that range from 24 nicotine down to 0 nicotine. All of our juices are ordered from TWISTED VAPORS. Our juices are handmade right here in WEST VIRGINIA by official Licensed Mixologists.


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We are at it again....It is that time of year....
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