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We are a well-respected Tattoo Studio/Art Gallery in Modesto California. Make an appointment or walk in today!

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1433 11th St - zipcode: 95354, Modesto - CA

If pouring all of our creative and artistic abilities into creating beautiful art on your body will make you happy, then we want to make you happy. At Foundation, we will strive to make your tattoo as fun, safe, and enjoyable an experience as possible with results you can wear proudly for a lifetime.

Foundation Tattoo Parlor is a well-respected Tattoo Studio/Art Gallery that has been steadily growing since our opening on January 1, 2008. We have a very diverse and talented collection of the area’s best artists that will help you create works of art that will last a lifetime and match your unique vision. Our shop has a very clean and welcoming environment and focuses on providing a positive experience to all of our customers in addition to excellent artwork.

Past Events

Brooks Going Away Party!

This Sunday at 7 PM we will be having a going away party for Brook! Come down to Bookies and h...

at Foundation Tattoo Parlor

Foundation Tattoo Grand Opening

We would cordially like to invite you to the grand opening of our new studio. We've been p...

at Foundation Tattoo Parlor

Memorial Day Military Flash Special

Memorial Day Military Flash Special!
All of us at Foundation Tattoo support the fighting ...

at Foundation Tattoo Parlor

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