Dinosaur Studio Tattoo

Tattoos are 50% illustrations and 50% Graphic design. I use my BFA in Illustration to create skin art, that will last a life time. Once you come to me, you are a fan for life. I create art, not tattoos.

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116 S Genesee St - zipcode: 60085, Waukegan - IL

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Past Events

Live Art at ArtWauk

Live Art at ArtWauk

Lets watch art being created! Here at Dinosaur Studio Tattoo, 116 s. Genesee Str. Waukegan, Il...

at Dinosaur Studio Tattoo

Dinosaur Studio Tattoo Gallery 1 year anniversary celebration with ArtWauk!

St. Patricks Day, come and celebrate our one year anniversary with an extraordinary evening of...

at Dinosaur Studio Tattoo

News Sun Article; Thank you to Friends of Dinosaur Studio Tattoo

Come and Join us at 5pm, the News Sun's writer Dan Moran and photographer will be out at D...

at Dinosaur Studio Tattoo

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