Cold Steel America Piercing and Tattoo

Premier body piercing and tattooing since 1999!

Tattoo & Piercing Shop

1783 Haight St - zipcode: 94117, San Francisco - CA

We at Cold Steel take pride in the lengths we take to provide a safe, clean, and comfortable environment for all seeking to modify themselves.

Cold Steel is home to two full-time piercers, very skilled and knowledgeable in all areas of body piercing, from navels and nostrils to genital piercings and complex ear and surface piercing projects. With at least one piercer on all day, every day, no appointments are needed. Drop in whenever you like! All of our piercers are members of the Association of Professional Piercers.

Cold Steel is home to two experienced and talented tattoo artists. You can find their portfolios here on display. We can work with images you find in the shop's provided reference books or flash sheets, or you are more than welcome to bring images of your own, whether they be original drawings, sketches, doodles, or a compilation of images found online or taken from books.

So come and see us for any of your body modification needs, we are more than capable of catering to any and all tastes!

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