51 Tattoo

Est. 1999. Owner/Artist: Jeff Bates. Artists: Liz Lunsford, Jimmy Griswold, Chrissy Robison, & Michael Villanueva

Tattoo & Piercing Shop Professional Service

175 W Clay Ave - zipcode: 49440, Muskegon - MI

We're a licensed, full service tattoo shop that specializes in custom work. For your convenience, we have both male and female tattoo artists. We pride ourselves on both customer service and work. So while you may find cheaper prices at other shops, the service you get and the work you'll receive at 51 Tattoo is anything but cheap. It's important for you to feel comfortable and safe when getting a tattoo, so if you have any questions about our sterilization processes please feel free to ask. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Past Events

51 Tattoo 15th Anniversary Party

Many years ago in a time period known as the 90s, Jeff Bates had a dream and a tattoo machine....

at 51 Tattoo

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