Wizard Tattoo Studio

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5780 S M L King Jr Pkwy - zipcode: 77705, Beaumont - TX

Wizard Tattoo is Located in Beaumont Texas 5780 S MKL PKY. It was est. In 1998. The Owners are Tim Ramb, Kim Ramb . The Studio is open six days a week 2-12 weekdays 2-2 Friday and Saturday. Stop by and check us out ! We currently have very 3 talented artist Jason l, JasonF and Dave V they do custom work, portraits and cover_ups .Bring your picture s or ideas in and one of our artist will be able to help you with any tattoo you could dream up.Also plenty flash to pick from or get ideas from Come in and see your favorite artist . We also do piercings ,our piercer is certified in blood borne pathogens,great with their clients friendly and professional. also offers Sub dermal implants . Our studio is a clean safe environment.11 Years in business,Hospital sterilization, spore testing monthly.Nice friendly atmosphere

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