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Stop by Vamp Body Art for the best custom tattoos in the area! Our creative artists are committed perfectly transferring your tattoo ideas to reality.

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2313 Santa Clara Dr suite J1 - zipcode: 84765, Santa Clara - UT

Have an idea for a tattoo but can’t seem to find an artist or shop that you can rely on to translate your idea into what you envisioned it would be? Then head to Vamp Body Art in St George! We have five full-time professional tattoo artists on staff who are eager to create a masterpiece you’ll be proud to wear for the rest of your life.

All of our artists are talented, kind, and genuine people who have years of experience creating custom tattoos. We understand that committing to a tattoo can be a huge step, so we will work closely with you to ensure that the coloring, shading, details, and design of your tattoo are precisely how you imagined. Whether your idea is a tribute to a lost loved one, a goofy inside joke with your friends that you want to pay homage to, or anything in between, rest assured knowing that the professionals at Vamp Body Art will work their hardest to design a tattoo that incorporates everything you’re looking for.

Not a tat kind of person, but are interested in a unique piercing? Vamp Body Art can help you there, too! From ears to tongues, there’s nothing we can’t add a little bling to. If you’re looking for a shop that you can rely on for your next tattoo or piercing, call Vamp Body Art.

Past Events

Toys for Tots show and shine car show

Vamp Tattoo and Destralos MC
1st annual Toys for Tots
at Vamp Body Art

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