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Tommy’s Supplies was started in 1994 as a local business just carrying a couple products by Tommy Ringwalt Sr., it has now become a world known company due to his son Tom Ringwalt Jr. and carrying over five thousand plus products. We are the original producers and sole owner of the registered trademark name “STARBRITE COLORS”, which is a full 100 color line of tattoo inks that are bottled, labeled, sterilized, tested, and shipped according to FDA stipulations. After years of research and development, consulting with the FDA, and meeting all of the guidelines specified, we have some of the most authentic & cleanest tattoo ink that exists today. Tom Ringwalt Sr. and Jr. have put a lot of time and effort into producing our #1 product “STARBRITE COLORS”, which has developed a big reputation worldwide over the last twenty years. We also carry some of the best line of tattoo supplies available at reasonable prices, along with our outstanding customer service. We are very knowledgeable about the products we carry because our company understands and cares about the people we talk to everyday. Tommy’s Supplies is a new generation of current demands and standards maintaining the best of old and respected principles. I’m sure many of you have met us at tattoo conventions across the map. We have been working in the tattoo industry for over two decades. Our company has a great deal of respect for those who work in the field as well as a true understanding for the art of tattooing. Tommy Sr. has designed and manufactured tattoo machines that are used by some of the greatest artists around the world. Made with authentic bullet shells, Tommy’s .38 special has been, and still is a huge favorite around the globe, another great machine is the Tommy Gun. He also designed the limited edition “Four Aces Machine” that was made especially for the Atlantic City Tattoo Convention. We work day and night to learn a great deal more about our products and will continue to do so in order to keep up with the tattoo industry standards. Tom Ringwalt Sr and Jr. have met with researchers, specialists, and chemists to develop the safest ink out there. If you tattoo in a clean and sterile environment, your supplies should come from a clean and sterile producer. As life has its ups and downs, and is ever changing and growing, so has the Tattoo Industry. That is why we will be constantly researching to keep up with all the present and future regulations. It is important to know that you can trust the products you are using on your clients as much as you can trust yourself, our crew understands this better than anyone else and that’s why our customers keep coming back to us.

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