Tattooed Christian Street-core Ministries

A not for profit but for God's Glory Ministry to help those in need in hope we ALL will build a solid foundation&relationship with our Savior&Lord Jesus Christ.To witness& further God's Glorious Kingdom for His Glory(NOT MINE)Matthew 25:40 The Least of...

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100 12th St SW, Apt 6 - zipcode: 51301, Spencer - IA

May God Bless all who read this. I am James Brown(born James Irl Spickler)on 6/25/1980&about 3mo. premature by the Lord's will to a beautiful woman,Jackie Spickler,a 15yr. old survivor of rape. Thats where Testimony begins&where I'll halt 4 a minute so that can sink in. Fast Forwarding;Because of His unending,unconditional&unfathomably unfailing love for us all&by His Son Jesus Christ threw undeserved,but freely given Sanctifying Grace,I AM SAVED,WASHED CLEAN,REBORN & FORGIVEN(As of 1/1/2012). Giving back what was freely given to me in any way I can help is my mission threw Jesus. Helping those who are where I have been & those who have not yet or have not and giving them a person to relate with, hope threw Christ that life CAN be better & somebody who can relate to them too & not judge, for that is NOT our job but for our SAVIOR Lord Jesus(Matthew 7:1). Also; “Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.” Said our Lord Jesus(John 7:24), which to me says JUST LOVE OTHERS!! ALL Praise & GLORY to God 4 I'M the “least of these”(Matthew 25:40)
MATTHEW 25:40 thru 45 says it all my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, Amen, Glory Glory Glory!!!!!!!!

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