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Presenting Tattoo Nouveau. Owner and Tattoo Artist Jessica Muessen, hosts the up and coming Chelsea Elliott and our new apprentice Kacy Harrison!

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14502 New Georges Creek Rd SW - zipcode: 21532, Frostburg - MD

Artist Jessica Muessen has 12 years of experience in the tattoo industry. She is an award winning artist that specializes in fine line realism but is not limited to that specific style. She also enjoys many diverse styles such as bright color work, traditional, new school, Japanese and black and grey.

We are also proud to introduce, Chelsea Elisabeth Elliott. She will be beginning her journey as a tattoo apprentice with our studio when we open. Chelsea has 8 years of experience in the fine art world and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Frostburg State University. She is an award winning artist who focuses primarily on pop surrealist/lowbrow painting and illustration and specializes in graphic fine line pen and ink work and watercolor portraiture. We are excited to introduce her to a new medium and see her apply her knowledge and skill to tattooing.

Tattoo Nouveau is a fully custom tattoo parlor. We have an extensive history in the art field and we are very knowledgeable with the many styles of art and tattoos. We achieve to give the best tattoo with the best placement while using quality equipment with the highest standard.

We pride ourselves in our knowledge concerning the prevention of disease transmission and blood borne pathogens and we apply our knowledge daily. We are health department inspected and meet all of the state and county requirements. Ask us for a tour of our sterilization room when you visit. We will gladly step you through our sterilization procedures and share our knowledge.

Tattoo Nouveau achieves to give the best tattoo in an informative, upbeat atmosphere with safety and cleanliness a high priority. Come see us and check it out for yourself. Opening early 2013.

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