Supercharged Tattoo

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1208 S Santa Fe Ave - zipcode: 67401, Salina - KS

We are the oldest tattoo shop in Salina Kansas! We have 1 full time artist and his apprentice to assist you in all your tattoo needs. From custom full color to black and grey.
Traditional to Japanese. We can do it all.

Jewelry counter with plugs,tunnels,ear, navel and everything in between.
If we dont have it we can order it!


Past Events

Supercharged Tattoos Lucky 13 Tattoo Extravaganza!

Alright guys, heres the skinny. Jimi And His apprentice Chase want to have a party. A Friday t...

at Supercharged Tattoo

Supercharged Tattoo 5th annual scavenger hunt!!

Time for our annual scavenger hunt! Teams of up to 4. All teams will cost $20. All monies rais...

at Supercharged Tattoo

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