Sticks and Stones

We’re an inclusive and diverse team of tattooers specializing in blackwork illustrative tattoos. We tattoo all skin tones!

Tattoo & Piercing Shop

485 Main Street - zipcode: V6A 2T7, Vancouver - BC

Who we are:

We are new queer, poc and allied tattoo artists providing safe, comfortable, and welcoming services for our communities.

IG: @sticks.stonestattoo

Past Events

Tattoo Tea Party! (Flash Event)

ON THURSDAY FROM 4pm - 10:30pm
AND FRIDAY FROM 4pm - 10:30pm


at Sticks and Stones

Flora : Fauna : Flash : Event

Couldn't make it last time?
You did and are just hungry ...

at Sticks and Stones

Studio Nest Live Tattooing at HOT ART Wet City!

The One That Got Away featuring Gwen D'Arcy and Aaron White's watercolour portraits of...

at Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones Break Bones Friday 13th Flash Event

Sticks and Stones is hosting a Friday the 13th flash event at their studio in Chinatown locate...

at Sticks and Stones

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