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Skin & Bonez Tattoo & Piercing is a Full Service, Modern up to date Studio. We have been serving the tri-state area for over 25 years.

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541 Midland Ave - zipcode: 15059, Midland - PA

SKIN & BONEZ Est.1991
“Serving the Tri-State Area for over 25 Years”

Skin Fantasies Inc. was Opened at Wellsville, OH. In 1991 by Ronald Jason Pucci. We specialized in Tattoo and we did most Body Piercings. The Business soon moved to downtown East Liverpool at the Tattoo Dragon & Barter.
We moved the business to Hawaii to study Tribal Tattooing and learn Cosmetic Tattoo with Evelyn Gibo. We are Hawaii Health Department approved along with my Hawaii Tattoo Artist License #283.
We were hired to run and manage The American Tattoo Co. of Pittsburgh till the business was sold. I Opened Skin & Bones Tattoo in downtown East Liverpool, OH. In 1998 Skin & Bones Tattoo was the FIRST TATTOO business in COLUMBIANA COUNTY to ever be regulated by the HEALTH DEPARTMENT, years before the competition. (See photo of health license)
We have been regulated by Health Departments in the states of Hawaii, Florida, Ohio, and Georgia. All Artist at Skin & Bonez are required to have there Blood Bourne Pathogens Training, They must be skilled in Infection Control and have CPR Training. Artist must follow OSHA Standards and have there blood tested yearly for infectious disease.
Skin & Bonez Tattoo & Piercing is a modern up to date studio that is currently located in downtown Midland, PA. Since 2005. We follow the highest standards of Sterilization, and use the highest Quality Ink, Equipment and Supply. Our Body Jewelry is 316L or solid Titanium. We use Disposable Medical Supply, Inks and Needles new for each customer. We use Autoclave Sterilization that is monitored by Confirm Monitoring Systems Inc. and tested each month. We use ultrasonic cleaning for equipment and have our Bio Hazard trash removed by Stericycle Medical Waste Systems.
The business has had more than 10,000 tattoo and body piercings performed over more than 20 years. We have tattooed people from all over the World and all walks of life. We have tattooed movie stars, professional athletes, and famous musicians. Our current clients are Dr.s, lawyers, nurses, military and the middle working class. We where recently trained in Europe for one year on Dermal Anchors by a company that has been performing Dermal Piercing for over 7 years.
We guarantee all Tattoos for your life + 6 months while your 6 feet under. We care about our customers and love to create your custom art. Stop in to check out our knowledgeable staff that thanks you for your business and hopes to see you soon.

Past Events

End of year Specials

Most Piercing $25 (jewelry included)
Tattoo start at $25

at Skin & Bonez Tattoo & Piercing

Friday the 13th

50% off all tattoos and 75% all tattoos with a 13 in them

at Skin & Bonez Tattoo & Piercing

50 to 70% off all scary tattoo

one day only we offer 50 to 70% off on all scary tattoos

at Skin & Bonez Tattoo & Piercing

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