Rock N Tattoo and Piercings

Rock -N- Tattoo and Piercing, The only tattoo shop in the world sponsered by George A. Romero

Tattoo & Piercing Shop Arts & Entertainment

1100 Lincoln Hwy - zipcode: 15137, North Versailles - PA

Shop Minimum $50$


Must be 18 Years of age to have any procedure done without parental consent.
16- 17 years of age parent or guardian must be present and stay for the whole procedure.
15 years old we can pierce anything above the neck.
We do not pierce below the belt.

                           Rock -N- Tattoo gift Certificates are available.

20% Off your tattoo if you come dressed as a Zombie!!! We encourage you to show your artistic ablity and come dressed as a zombie for your next tattoo and get 20% off!

Always watch for upcoming specials!..

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