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394 Main St - zipcode: 12601, Poughkeepsie - NY

Located in the heart of Poughkeepsie, NY Queen City Tattoo is a collaboration of artists joined by popular demand. Our motto ... its not a job its a lifestyle. Not only do we love what we do but we live it.. although the name and location is new the crew that has helped build it is pretty well known to the area.. shop owner and artist Mike B has been tattooing in Poughkeepsie for the last 2 yrs. Starting his career in the area at inkskriptions on rt 55. Not to long after, Mike became co-founder and manager of Lost Boys Body Modification located in Poughkeepsie NY. Since leaving lost boys, Mike was one of the first artists in Poughkeepsie to help put together a tattoo/barbershop better known as Machines Create. Mike has made his rounds and paid his dues. With a true passion for tattooing, Mike specializes in black and gray work and cover ups. Being no stranger to the tattoo industry, Mike has had the privilege to have been able to apprentice his girlfriend, better known as Jade 'Jaded Barbie', tattoo artist/ Body Piercer. Poking holes and leaving marks, Jade has taken the art of tattooing and piercing and has given it everything shes got. Her passion for traditional style color pieces and precision when it comes to piercing has made her a true asset to the Industry. Eric 'machined ink' Frisone (artist/machine builder) is back! Working together in the past, Eric and Mike have been waiting for that day to come yet again. Besides his small stint at Machines Create, Eric has been a freelance artist and machine builder in Poughkeepsie for the last 4 years. Eric's passion for tattooing doesn't just end in the shop. At home, Eric builds custom machines and stays well in tuned with whats going on with the industry around him. I guess u can say hes our "go to guy". Eric specializes in color pieces and if u ever run out of supplies he's your man haha (inside joke). The crew doesn't just end there. Ricardo "swifty"Flemate is the newest member to the team. Growing up in the industry its almost like he had no choice. Ricky started his career in L.A. later bringing his west coast style to NY. Busy and traveling with his career, Ricky is our guest artist every other weekend. Specializing in black and gray who better to go to if you're looking for that west coast style piece. All artists are Blood Borne Pathogen certified. At Evol Street Ink we are committed to to run a friendly safe environment. Our shop is designed in such a way to keep the highest grade of sterilization for the safety of our clients as well as the artists. All tools and instruments are properly cleaned and auto-claved prior to each use. Single use needles are opened in front of each customer and disposed of after each tattoo/piercing experience. After your tattoo/ piercing your artist will go over detailed information on aftercare to be sure that your tattoo/piercing will heal to the best of its ability. Our staff is dedicated to making your experience as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. All tattoos are 100% guaranteed.
The crew from Evol Street

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Friday The 13th @ Queen City Tattoo

$13 custom tattoos plus $13 tip and $13 setup fee and most piercings $20

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