Pig Skin Tattoo

Tattoos and piercings. $50 minimum $30 an hour after the first hour..

Tattoo & Piercing Shop Arts & Entertainment

1301 Melrose St - zipcode: 81321, Cortez - CO

Tattoos done by Travis Burton

Tattoos minimum is $50 after the first hour its 30

Piercings Done by Ka Cee Cordova and Cody Rogers

Piercings: Names and Location for Piercings:

Above-the-Neck and Oral Piercings
Nipple and Navel Piercings
Male Genital Piercings
Female Genital Piercings
Multiple and Unique Piercings
Transdermal Implants (Singlepoints), Beading, and Subdermal Implants

Above-the-Neck and Oral Piercings

Ear Lobe Piercing: The ear lobe is pierced. $20

Ear Cartilage Piercing: ear piercing is carried out through the cartilage along the upper outside edge of the helix.$40

Pinna Piercing: This one is carried out on the cartilage rim at the top part of the ear $20

Tragus Piercing: It is done at the nub of the ear present along the outer edge of the face.$40

Conch Piercing: The shell of the ear is pierced. $40

Helix Piercing: This is when the outer cartilage of the rim is pierced. $20

Vertical Industrial Piercing: The barbell is placed vertically in the ear.$40

Inner Conch Piercing: This is done in the inner shell of the ear. $40

Snug Piercing: The inner cartilage helix fold is pierced. $40

Eyebrow Piercing: This type is made through the eyebrow. $20

Anti-Eyebrow Piercing: The upper cheek piercing made below the eye along the cheekbone. $50

Nostril Piercing: The piercing is made through the nostril. $25

Septum Piercing: This called the bull ring piercing made in the septum wall of the nose.$40

Bridge Piercing: The horizontal piercing made through the bridge of the nose.$40

Lip Piercing: The lip piercing is an offset of the lower lip piercing.$40

Snakebite Piercing: These are two lip piercings that are placed one on each side of the mouth. $50

Spider Bite Piercing: These are also two lip piercings that are placed on same side of the lower lip.$45

Labret Piercing: This is done at the center of the lower lip. $30

Medusa Piercing: This is a center upper lip labret piercing.$45

Beauty Mark Piercing: This is done at the offset upper lip. $40

Angel Kiss Piercing: This is a vertical piercing at the center of the lip. $40

Tongue Rim Piercing: This is is done vertically through the tongue. $40

Tongue Rim Piercing: This one is done at the edge of the tongue.$50

Venom Tongue Piercing: There are two off centered tongue piercings. $60

Nipple and Navel Piercings

Navel Piercings: This is when the upper rim of the navel is pierced.$30

Lower Navel Piercing: This is the bottom rim of the navel.$30

Male Genital Piercings

Prince Albert Piercing: This piercing is carried out through the frenulum area that exists through the urethral area.$ 50

Foreskin Piercing: This is when the foreskin is pierced. $25 each piercing

Scrotal Ladder Piercing: The 3+ scrotal piercing done in a linear row. $30 each piercing

Female Genital Piercings

Horizontal Hood Piercings: This is placing a piercing horizontally on the clitoral hood.$50

Vertical Hood Piercing: This is piercing of the clitoral hood vertically.$50

Outer Labia Piercing: This is piercing through the labia majora.$50

Inner Labia Piercing: The labia minora is pierced under this piercing.$50

Multiple and Unique Piercings

Cheek Piercing: The cheek piercing that looks like a dimple.$50

Hand Web Piercings: This is a hand piercing between the fingers.$40

Surface Piercing: This one is done on any flat skin of the body.$40

Corset Piercing: These are multiple ones that are are laced together.$15 each piercing

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