Majestic Tattoo NYC

Tattoo & Piercing Shop Art Gallery

1086 Broadway - zipcode: 11221, Brooklyn - NY

Majestic Tattoo NYC is an art studio located in Brooklyn, New York in the intersections of Bushwick and Bed-Stuy. The focus at Majestic is to create modern tattoo art, specializing in styles including abstract, fractal, psychedelic, watercolor, visionary, geometic, biomechanical, and painterly tattoo. Every project and piece is custom tailored, transforming the clients' personal ideas into fully realized works of art. The boutique-style tattoo studio is the brainchild of New York veteran artist Adal Ray (formerly Adal Hernandez).

Note: We do not do piercings.

Past Events

Majestic Tattoo NYC Opening Party


Thee Art & Art Tattoo Studio of Adal Hernandez is ...

at Majestic Tattoo NYC

Majestic Tattoo 2nd Anniversary Party

Come wish Majestic Tattoo NYC a happy 2nd year at our Bushwick location, Saturday January 7th ...

at Majestic Tattoo NYC

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