Living Art Studio

Offering quality and custom work in a clean, comfortable environment since 1989!

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219 Main St - zipcode: 01060, Northampton - MA

Established in 1989, Living Art Studio has been an artist owned business for more than twenty years and at the forefront of the tattoo scene in New England.

Located in beautiful downtown Northampton Massachusetts, Living Art Studio continues to offer friendly personal service in a clean, comfortable environment.

In order to maintain the highest level of professionalism and cleanliness, the Living Art Studio is certified by the Massachusetts Board of Health and continues its long-standing membership in the National Tattoo Association. All employees are members of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists and have completed seminars on disease prevention in tattooing.

As well as offering the safest environment possible, Living Art Studio strives to provide top quality tattooing in a wide variety of styles.

We work with Arts Night Out Northampton and showcase local artists on the 2nd Friday of each month. If you are a local artist please feel free to email us or stop in during business hours to talk to us about showing your work in our gallery!

Past Events

"Cyanotypes" by Peter E Olsen III

This series blends old and new technologies by using a 170 year- old technique to print digita...

at Living Art Studio

Arts Night Out/ "Tangible" by Laura Bergstrom

A mixed medium exploration of pyrography, acrylic paints and stains on repurposed wood.


at Living Art Studio

Arts Night Out/ "Rag and Bone" by Emily Ward

A rag and bone man refers to someone from the Middle Ages who collected unwanted household ite...

at Living Art Studio

Arts Night Out/ "Universal Pandemonium" by Louis Falcetti

Collage art like you remember it, raw and visceral, made by hand (with help from brain, heart ...

at Living Art Studio

ANO with Beth Robinson's Strange Dolls: "The Aviary"

An Aviary is a large enclosure for confining birds. In the Strange Dolls’ Aviary you will find...

at Living Art Studio

Arts Night Out with John K Pease

Hand engraving since 1984, John K. Pease works as a freelance hand engraver of firearms in Che...

at Living Art Studio

2nd Annual Tattoo-A-Thon to benefit Kai's Village

We invite you to join us Saturday, September 14, 2013 to raise money for Kai's Village. T...

at Living Art Studio

ANO/ Kai's Village 3-Day Fundraiser Kickoff Party

Join us in welcoming photographer Susan Posterro. Susan is based out of Central Massachusetts...

at Living Art Studio

3-Day Benefit for Kai's Village

The Living Art Studio would like to invite you to join us during our three-day event to benefi...

at Living Art Studio


Look for us on Main Street! Come meet our artists, check out some awesome street art and get...

at Living Art Studio

Arts Night Out/ "Like a Dream" with Andrea Newland

A kaleidoscope of colors with dark shadows sneaking in, abstract compositions make way to reco...

at Living Art Studio

"Vintage Hallucinations" by Canman

- A collection of new works by award winning artist Canman. An exploration of unusual still ...

at Living Art Studio

Photo Paintings by Deborah O'Neill

There'a a fine line between real and unreal when you see the work of Deborah O'Neill. ...

at Living Art Studio

Behind the Scenery: From Sketches to Cityscapes

Join us in welcoming local artist Caleb Colón, recent recipient of Easthampton Artwalk's &...

at Living Art Studio

Say Something New 21 Collected Works by K Curtis

A collection of 21 works by Ms. Curtis over the last 20 years of art making. She has selected...

at Living Art Studio

"Lux Introsum-The Retrospective" by Sloan Tomlinson

The second of two showings by local artist, Sloan Tomlinson. The final showing of the Lux Intr...

at Living Art Studio

"Monsters by Sloan" by Sloan Tomlinson Opening Reception

A collection of illustrations, sculptures, ornaments and archival prints celebrating the oft-m...

at Living Art Studio

Team HEALS/Jimmy Fund Tattoo-a-Thon

Living Art Studio invites you to join us Sunday, December 2, 2012 to raise money for Team H.E....

at Living Art Studio

"A Day in the Life" Gallery Opening for Ryan Bonsall and Sean Sawicki

Come up and visit the Living Art Studio this Friday for a little Arts Night Out action! We are...

at Living Art Studio

Submerged: Paintings by Scout Cuomo

Scout Cuomo:

Since childhood I have been fascinated by our worlds’ vast biodiversity a...

at Living Art Studio

Arts Night Out/ "The Aesthetic Asylum" by Matty Scaggsville

Some things sweet, some things sexy, some things vulgar, some things a little rock n' roll...

at Living Art Studio

"Serendipity" Arts Night Out with Debra Dunphy


On display will be a wide array of paintings that include still life, lan...

at Living Art Studio

Arts Night Out with Ari Phillippi

Artist Statement:

I am displaying a variety of acrylic and mixed-media paintings on ca...

at Living Art Studio

Arts Night Out with Deborah O'Neill

BIG PICTURE SHOW by Deborah O’Neill
30x40 photos from abroad and back

Deborah O’N...

at Living Art Studio

Arts Night Out with Edward L. O'Gilvie

Artist Statement:

In 1983, I was a junior art major at Westfield State College. I w...

at Living Art Studio

Arts Night Out with Dave Fitzgerald

Our own artist, Dave "Fitzy" Fitzgerald shows his work of oil paintings of the Pion...

at Living Art Studio

Arts Night Out with Patrick Quirk

Pen and ink drawings by local artist Patrick Quirk.

at Living Art Studio

Arts Night Out/ Art by Arno 3D Painting

I was intrigued to try painting in 3D after finding some photos, and wondering, "Would th...

at Living Art Studio

Arts Night Out/ "Collections of Light: Photographs Found and Made" with Bill Cameron

We welcome back Bill Cameron for a second show!

Artist Statement:

I am a colle...

at Living Art Studio


We are proudly participating in this event for the 4th year in row! Stop by and say hello to ...

at Living Art Studio

Arts NIght Out/ "The Living Earth" with Ed Moret

We are so very lucky to have Ed back for a second show!!

Artist Edward J. Moret's ...

at Living Art Studio

Arts Night Out/ "Something Strange on Your Screen" by Sadie Parrotta

Local high school artist Sadie Parrotta creates sophisticated, colorful images. Specializing...

at Living Art Studio

Arts Night Out w/ Alexander Dunn

Many believe the public arena (streets, buildings, signs), is the best canvas for serious self...

at Living Art Studio

Pete Olson: Come To The County Fair/Shrine About It

Pete Olsen will be showing photographs and sculpture in two bodies of work: First, influenced ...

at Living Art Studio

"Scenes From An Old Dream" Arts Night Out with Beth Maciorowski

A collection of film photographs that are inspired by old memories and late night dreaming. at Living Art Studio

"Flock" Arts Night Out with Nicole Werth

Birds have always been a favorite subject for artists with their vibrant colors, furious motio...

at Living Art Studio

"My World in Collage" Arts Night Out with Akinbo Akinnuoye

Collages inspired by life, dreams, and news in living color.

I like working with image...

at Living Art Studio

"The World: Inside Out" / Arts Night Out with Charlene Reann and Angela Christine

Show Description:

Explore a different view of the world around you. Get up-close and ...

at Living Art Studio

"Lost & Found: Stories of Abandonment" / Arts Night Out with Beth Maciorowski

About the show:

Lost & Found
Stories of Abandonment: a series of photographs ...

at Living Art Studio

"Urban Landscapes" / Arts Night Out Artist Reception with Ed Kaplan

We are very excited to have recent Valley transplant Ed Kaplan show in our gallery space for D...

at Living Art Studio

Special Art Opening for Robert Markey

A series of nudes by Robert Markey.
Please join us to meet the artist.
Wine & h...

at Living Art Studio

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