Level Up Tattoo Studio - Great Falls, Montana

Level Up Tattoo Studio is a custom tattoo shop in Great Falls, with the flexibility to turn any idea into a masterpiece.

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922 1st Ave N, Ste 2 - zipcode: 59401, Great Falls - MT

Level Up Tattoo Studio has operated in Great Falls since 2011. We specialize in EVERY style and technique, from old school tattoos, to fine line and realistic color works.

Any tattoo can become a product of artistic realization in the hands of our artists.

We are proud to bring with us a new level of tattooing capability. Tattooing is no longer simple shading and bold lines, but a legitimized art-form, with flow and design at the forefront and is more and more being recognized all over the world.

We emphasize quality and customization over offering people "cheap" run-of-the-mill tattoos. With that in mind, every bit of detail and time is spent making sure your tattoo you carry will always be as amazing and beautiful as the place in time you got it.

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