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90 Campbell Avenue - zipcode: 06516, West Haven - CT

Izzy Morales Tattoo has always aspired to be in the forefront of new technology. They use Cheyenne tattoo machines. This type of machine is known for their smoothness of operation, evenness of stroke, and gentleness to the body. They are also a lot quieter. These machines create less stress and trauma to the skin, as well as the artist’s body. Because of this, the tattoos heal faster and easier. The tattoo pigments used by Izzy Morales Tattoo are also new technology. These colors have been scientifically formulated for optimal pigment micron size for best skin absorption. The pigments are actually made in a retired pharmaceutical plant, using all the sterilization precautions and techniques. This again makes for faster and easier healing.

Izzy Morales Tattoo cover ups are spectacular! After all, a properly executed cover up needs to deceive the eye, so the former design or scar is no longer visible (not simply placing a new design over the original tattoo still allowing it to shine through).
The artists of Izzy Morales Tattoo specialize in making their client’s dreams come true. We can create and help you choose a one-of-a-kind design that will be sure to make your heart sing!

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Welcome to the 5th Annual Tommy’s Tattoo Convention!

You are invited to join Tom Ringwalt and some of the most talented tattoo artists in the world...

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