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east pittsburgh - zipcode: 15201, Pittsburgh - PA

A Pittsburgh born and bread tattoo shop interested in helping the community in many many ways. As well as offering access to the city's best artist's in shop and house calls if situation calls for, we are soon to host na&aa meetings, bible studies, open topic studies as well as offer education,homeless, and counseling support to your favorite city... so we are not just trying to permanently scar the community, we intend to permanently change it for the better. Any input or feedback would be much appreciated.

Grasp this opportunity to create understanding and unity amongst a divided and mislead youth. We will offer online support as well as in person counseling and guides to resources. Please feel free to show your support at any time, anyhow. All inquires, attention: Daniel Hall. feel free to email or call or text Danny @ (602)-573-3642, or Chris @ (412)-894 -5611, Thank you

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