Inkundū Laser Tattoo Removal Lexington KY

Inkundū is a full service laser tattoo removal clinic in Lexington Kentucky. Tattoo removal isn't something we do, it's all we do. MD owned and operated.

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2375 Professional Heights Dr #210 - zipcode: 40503, Lexington - KY

Here at Inkundū Laser Tattoo removal in Lexington KY, we’ve earned the reputation as the best clinic in all of Kentucky for your tattoo removal needs. We offer unparalleled service with the best and safest technology on the market. Thinking about a cover up instead of full removal? Then, we can help get you ready for that next piece of art. We are a Doctor-owned and operated clinic serving the areas of Lexington-Fayette, Ironville, Meads, and Louisville Ky with the lowest cost tattoo removal services. We’re certified from the state of Colorado to conduct laser tattoo removal and we take great pride in our safe and effective procedures. We utilize Quanta lasers, because they are the highest quality and most effective lasers on the market.

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