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if you can think of it, i can bring it to life. I pride myself in client satisfaction an one of a kind work. I'm always looking to improve my talents.

Tattoo & Piercing Shop Professional Service Artist

5345 State Road H - zipcode: 63020, DeSoto - MO

I'm a self taught tattoo artist that was licensed on June 2013. Even though I worked at two other locations, my art abilities had already surpassed theres. Making others very jealous an aggervated, to the point where I was asked to leave one shop an the other I choose to leave cause of the drama an tension amongst other artist.
I have learned more from YouTube videos of Guy A. an a few fellow artist at conventions. So after all the ups an downs... i decided to start tattooing for myself an charge my prices not the over priced big shop prices.
I love art an I love creating art for people that also share in something passionate that they want to express through tattoos an other art related medium's.

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