Heidi Carney- Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

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Cosmetic Tattooing
Are you tired of drawing on your eyebrows each day? Frustrated with eyeliner always running and smudging? Do you want to wake up looking great without having to put on make-up?
Cosmetic Tattooing is your answer to getting that fabulous Wash and Wear look! With Cosmetic Tattooing you have new freedom. You can simply wake up and go!

Heidi uses techniques that look natural down to the smallest detail, by incorporating methods that create fresh and flattering looks. Cosmetic Tattooing keeps you looking your best all day every day but will save you time and money!! This means that your makeup will always be consistent and it won't smudge or rub off.

Medical Conditions can be amazingly camouflaged with Cosmetic Tattooing. If you are dealing with conditions such as Alopecia or hair loss from chemotherapy, this is an excellent option. For those suffering from motor disabilities like arthritis, Parkinson's Disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke impairments, or unsteady hands can benefit. Cosmetic Tattooing can ease some difficulties with getting ready each day. This is also a great alternative for those who suffer from allergies.
Cosmetic Tattooing is an ideal option for the busy person who has little time to spend getting their brows looking their best in the morning, those who like to wake up with a fresh natural look, the athlete who wants to look natural, and those with medical conditions that effect their skin and motor skills......Most of all, Cosmetic Tattooing is for convenience!

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