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190 Main St - zipcode: 06512, East Haven - CT

Darkside Tattoo was originally opened in 1992 by Sean O'Hara. It started on Farren Ave in New Haven as a small studio with only himself and an apprentice. Darkside quickly gained recognition, and new artists joined the team. The space got eaten up rather quickly too, and it was time to find a new home.
East Haven was to be the city for the new location, right off Rt. 80 on Foxon Blvd. The new site proved to be the great place for a tattoo shop. Darkside took off. The shop received alot of well-deserved recognition with magazine articles, convention spots, and online buzz. As the shop's reputation grew, the size was expanded to take on even more talented artists. It became alot to handle.

In 2005, it was just too much. Sean, going through his own personal problems, was forced to close the shop and take a relaxed approach for the next few years. He found himself in Meriden at Second Skin Tattoo which was owned by his long-time friend Richie. What a great experience, to work with new people and develop life-long friendships as well.

After a few years there, and the time to get things right for himself, Sean teamed up with Dave Hennessy, and helped him get Graphic Images off the ground. It was a brand new shop, and it seemed like a brand new start as well. But as fate would have it, tensions grew and before ruining a friendship, Sean moved on, determined to re-open the famed Darkside Tattoo.

The year that followed would prove to be trying, working out of the house was a humbling experience, after tattooing professionally for two decades. Finding the right location for the studio wasn't easy either. But with the help of life-long friend, Andrew Rispoli, and the love and support of his wife, Melinda O'Hara, Sean was able to realize his dream, and the New Darkside Tattoo was opened in 2010.

Sean would like to personally thank all of the talented people that he has had opportunity to work with over the years. But most of all, to the loyal customers and fans of Darkside Tattoo ... Thank You

Darkside Tattoo

Darkside Tattoo Darkside has always delivered cutting edge artwork. We have always been blessed with a great team of artists, and are dedicated to keeping up with our reputation.
We are proud to have Dave Racci, Izzy Morales, and Troy Radecki on the crew. Their artwork speaks for itself. We are all determined to bring Darkside back to on top.

Darkside Tattoo has proven to be an innovative custom tattoo design studio. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver state of the art tattoos and custom satisfaction. Bring in your own ideas, or we'll work with you to design the tattoo thats just right for you. Check out our extensive portfolios and see what we've done for our customers in the past.

Not many studios have ever acheived the fame and recognition of Darkside Tattoo. In the tattoo world, as well our local community, Darkside has become a household name. We are committed to continuing on our legacy, and are blessed with another chance to move forward.

"Never underestimate the power of The Darkside"

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