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1023 W 7th St, - zipcode: 46706, Auburn - IN

Classic City Body Art Studio is a tattoo/piercing shop along with a growing art gallery in Auburn, IN. Owner/Artist Duke Blosser is dedicated to producing the best tattoo for his clients. Duke and the other artists will work with every client to transform their ideas and dreams into beautiful pieces of permanent art on their bodies. Duke and the other artists are committed a 100% to making a piece of art you will love forever.

Past Events

A "Classic" Friday the 13th Special

We will be doing $13 tattoos with a $7 tip for good luck. There is 7 different flash sheets to...

at Classic City Tattoo

Tattooing for a Cure

We are doing our best to help fight against Cystic Fibrosis! We are raffling off a $200 tattoo...

at Classic City Tattoo

Classic City Summer Splash!

Delicious discount BBQ. There will be a bikini contest for a $200 Tattoo as the prize ($5 entr...

at Classic City Tattoo

Classic City Friday the 13 Party!!!

We will have flash available to tattoo (only the designs on the flash) for $13 plus a $7 tip f...

at Classic City Tattoo

Halloween Party!!!

We will be handing out candy and temporary tattoos for the kids and adults upon request, disco...

at Classic City Tattoo

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