Chris Russell Tattoo Artist

Chris Russell Skin Artistry Tattoo


619 N Graham - zipcode: 38122, Memphis - TN

This is a collection of tattoos and art performed by myself throughout the last few years. I have recorded videos and collected pictures of my tattoos as well as the occasional painting or drawing. I am a Memphis born graphic designer, artist, and musician that has traveled and moved back home to try and make good tattoos and great friends. I bring the knowledge I have gained from vast resources and connections with great artists I have met along the way. Just the last few years have I become a more careful student of my trade and pursue a level of excellence to offer my client the best tattoo I can. I love to tattoo black and grey realism and surrealism, I have recently been exploring more color tattoos and color tattoo styles. I am ever learning and still developing my personal style and evolving with the help of some of the great new tools we have available to us today. I love to collaborate with my client and help put together a unique work every chance I get. Feel free to message me here for appointments and consultations.

619 N Graham
Memphis, TN

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