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Blue Frog Tattoo Inc. targeting businesses rather than clients.

Independent artists and studios already have their own niche, that following of loyal customers who keep coming back for more. BFT does not target these clients, but goes after the independent artists and studio owners! BFT fits the needs of the artist so they can in turn give clients the best possible service.

Starting up just another tattoo studio fighting for clients, adds to this already cut throat industry. An industry that was taught to be secretive and underground, which has stunted the growth of Tattoo. This old concept of individuals thinking of themselves limits growth, instead of a community developing into something bigger. If the tattoo industry does not become a healthy thriving community soon, the art will die no matter how popular the Tattoo becomes.

BFT hopes to bring artists and studios together to share one common goal for the industry, celebrate Tattoo! So, by working with independents to create a community, we can become one voice.

Who benefits?

The artists’ clients benefit the most, which in turn leads to the clients’ lives and everyone around them! That win, win, win situation…

Bringing people together to celebrate Tattoo.

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