bink'd Temporary Tattoo Earrings for Boys and Girls the Original. Mom created & Dad named. Simple, Safe Solutions for keeping Kids having fun being natural. E:

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PMB106 3747 Douglas Ave - zipcode: 53402-3226, Racine - WI

Created for one of my daughter's in 2009. Launched in 2010 with my first high-end boutique sold in Wisconsin. Now- sold to nearly 1000 stores- bINK'd® is available on Amazon.Com, gift and boutique stores globally.

bINK'd® pierce-free earrings, nail art and images for hair are USA made consisting of Non Toxic, vegetable and soy based inks. Our bling is the only non-usa made product that is however specially formulated for facial application.

Our water transfer, temporary images are FDA approved and CPSC compliant.

No PAIN, no glue, no magnets and no stickers make these temporary earrings an ideal alternative to piercing!

(Many of you know the bINK'd® story well- my Husband said NO to piercing but I NEEDED something to make my little princess not look like a bald boy dressed in pink... so in the Fall of 2009 when playing with my Stepdaughter's Princess tattoos left over from a party I put two like designs on my then youngest Sydney. We went to a function for the Middle school child and when everyone thought I pierced I knew I was on to something. My "aha" moment had happened and when I couldn't find them sold with multiples of the same small image I found a trusted US Vegetable based manufacturer and made our own. We figured if this works so well for us it will for many others too! We sold our first store Jan of 2010.)

bINK'd® has a simple mission: Provide the highest quality items which fulfill a need with the greatest value while staying true to providing the best service!
As users of our products WE are always working on ways to improve your experience with our products.

bnatural, bfun and b*YOU! biNK'd® is THE Provider of safe, simple solutions to keep you and your kids natural and little for longer we are family ran and operated.

"We are saving the EARS a pair at a time."~Chief Daddy

Not forever. Just for now.® Ear fun & More check us out:

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at bink'd Temporary Tattoo Earrings for Boys and Girls

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