Vaxocalypse Phase Three

Start: July 24, 2016, 4 p.m.

Event at Sublime Impressions Tattoo & Piercing Studio

THE VAXOCALYPSE IS NEAR... have you been VAXinated??
The Zombies are starting to turn and you could too! Come join us in a unique version of the game of capture the Flag where the last of the humans fight for the cure from Vax (patient Zero) an infectious brain-eater. Our unique game is all to raise proceeds to help our friend and zombie-lover, Vax Guidry, push through his Zombie Virus also known as Cancer. All proceeds will go toward helping Vax Through the fight of his undead life.
You have the choice to be a ZOMBIE or a HUNTER in this epic battle for the cure, complete with alternate endings and enough fake blood to drown a vampire.
Come on out your grave and help us fight the Virus! Nobody likes Cancer But everyone loves a good zombie! #VAXOCALYPSE