Ghosts of Pizza's Past: Art Exhibit

Start: Sept. 23, 2011, 9 p.m.

End: Sept. 24, 2011, midnight

Event at The Butcher

On Friday, September 23rd Alan Chiang, Justin Harris, and Lomaho Kretzmann will take a break from stealing manhole covers and watching old ladies fall through the Savannah streets.

Instead they will haunt the Oglethorpe Gallery with Ghosts of Pizzas Past.

Follow Chiang through the bowels of Mount Trashmore, where he’ll show you the drug and weapon-obsessed culture of his malevolent masked vermin.

Bathe with Harris through the murky waters of the human psyche, experience the Underdark of the soul.

Come get ding-dong deep in Kretzmann’s trolls, kobolds, dagons, and dark deities while they desecrate the covers of the albums your ancestors once loved. Only in their domain will you attain lurker level alpha.
Bring your brethren, they’ll feed you.
If you don’t come, they’ll prey for you. NO CHAPERONES!

Sponsored in part by The Butcher
Curated by Minna Betancourt