From the Farthest East to the Middlest West - Art Show Tour

Start: May 7, 2016, 7 p.m.

End: May 8, 2016, 2 a.m.

Event at Beelistic Tattoo on Vine

Beelistic Tattoo is honored to be able to host a weekend with “From the Farthest East to the Middlest West” traveling art show, and artist Hasone Essary here on Short Vine in Cincinnati, OH. This last minute stop on their tour is an exciting opportunity for Queen City art lovers! Come out and enjoy some incredible artwork, light drinks and snacks, and amazing conversation with this well versed artist on Saturday, May 7 from 4-11pm and Sunday, May 8 from 11-3pm on Short Vine near UC Campus. The show is FREE and certainly will be one to be remembered!

“From the Farthest East to the Middlest West” is an art show featuring work by Hasone Essary and Rhett Johnson - a talented duo out of Kansas City, MO. The two have a combined 33 years tattoo experience and both have been painting just as long. They have been working together off and on since the start of Johnson’s career 14 years ago.

In August 2015 Essary and Rhett teamed up to put together an art show of 30 paintings that would tour the US during 2016. Hasone says he feels like sometimes he can express his art better through painting than tattooing, because he can be alone with his canvas. In tattooing, even when you are alone with your canvas you have another person present – which doesn’t allow for much personal reflection during the art session.

After 4 months of hard work the art show launched at the Artbot Gallery in Washington DC January 16, 2016, with 30 original paintings. Hasone says that 80% of the art within the show was created between the duo during that 4 month time span. The show was displayed in DC for just shy of 3 months, and is likely to be shown next in Chicago, with further dates TBA.