Friday The 13th Tattoo & Piercing Party!!!!!!

Start: July 13, 2012, 1:30 p.m.

Event at Illustrated Lady Tattoo & Piercing Studio & School

Pssst... We Are Going To Have A Party On Friday The 13th ..

That's gonna be an awesome thing around here.. We will be having a bunch of specials going on - including free birthday piercing specials..

We will have $ 13 piercings.. (includes basic s.s. jewelry)

Limited piercings include : tongue, eyebrow, nose, navel, nipple..

$ 13 Tattoos..
Must be placed on a simple area of the body (artist must agree)
$ 13 tattoo designs will include :
(Pre-Selected - Design Sheet)
tiny, small, medium (or) sorta large ..
Black & grey (or) full vivid color..
(No extra charge.. $ 13 = total price)..
It's gonna be like the good ole' days around here..
1st Here = First Served

Walk-ins will be available for $ 13 tattoos (or) $ 13 piercings
(including free birthday piercing specials)
8:30 AM - 12:30 PM / 2 PM - 6 PM / 8:30 PM - Midnight..

  I do plan on staying later than midnight to continue 
tattooing & piercing those that are waiting their turn..

(no more walk-ins (or) appointments can be made past midnight)

    We can't do any other tattoo sessions that isn't a 
pre-selected design for our Friday the 13th Special..

Please Note : You can come in on Friday the 13th & make an appointment to recieve this special on another day.. This will help if you need to be somewhere, don't want to wait your turn (or) if we can't tattoo (or) pierce everyone that shows up.. In order to make an appointment for another day, you must come in on Friday the 13th, fill out all of your paperwork & prepay $ 13 for each tattoo (or) piercing that is desired. No refunds, credit (or) exchanges on any money that we have recieved..

All Work Will Be Done By Professional Tattooers & Piercers Only..

                          ** No Children **
No One Under 18 Allowed
(Unless they are getting pierced from us)
Cash Only
Bring correct change..
(we always run out & can't break anything)
Illustrated Lady Tattoo & Piercing Studio & School
500 S.W. 6th Avenue
Amarillo, Texas
(806) 373-8707

We are located at the corner of 6th Street & Jackson Street
on Historic Route 66 - downtown - 2 blocks from the bus station..