Friday The 13th Tattoo & Piercing Event For June 2014

Start: June 13, 2014, 5 a.m.

Event at Illustrated Lady Tattoo & Piercing Studio & School

Heads up :

Mark your calendar!!!!!

I am going to have Friday The 13th Specials..

This is the only Friday the 13th Special that will be available for the complete year of 2014 so you might not want to miss out on this..

** Don't know what tattoo that you want to get yet?
Gift certificates are available. You will be able to use any of these specials on another day. (same details, same specials)
(does not include any of our raffles or free birthday piercings)
. (No limit on gift certificates purchased)

Here's The Details :

Date : Friday, June 13, 2014
Time : 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM / 2 PM - 6 PM / 8:30 PM - 12:30 AM

Everyone is invited!!!
You can join this event on your own..
Invite your friends..
Do me a favor & share this on your wall..
I need all of the help that I can get to get the word out..

** $ 13 tattoos (No $ 7 tip required.)
Choose as many colors as you want..
No pre-selected designs (your choice)

Get anything you want as long as it's a Super Simple design,
no bigger than 3"x5"'
(I'm pretty flexible, depends on the super simple design chosen)
You can bring your own design. Check with me what I can do. I can't write little, I don't do certain areas of the body & I can't do some other things..


** Please Note :
You will NOT be required to pay for any $13 tattoos (OR) your winning tattoo raffle tattoo that need to be finished unless you moved alot during the session (or) you decided to stop the session for any reason (or) any form of improper aftercare during the healing process resulting in the need to fix it or finish it. Robin will let you know when you make your next appt. (Or before she begins to do the next session) if you will need to pay $ 13 each time or not.)

* Tattoo Raffle :
Get (1) Simple Tattoo (possibly up to 3'x5")
You pick your design (check with me if design & placement is accepted)
Unlimited colors ok
= $ 13 per raffle ticket (Get 3 raffle tickets for $ 30)
(you don't need to be present during the drawing in order to win)
The size for the tattoo will go up per every raffle entry up to a 5x3" (= from everyone that enters this raffle)
Example : The 1st raffle ticket sold will start out the winning tattoo at my littlest size available. The tattoo size will go up as each raffle ticket is sold..
Tattoo sizes per ticket sold to everyone :
Get Pierced For Under $ 13..

Piercings = $ 9.95 each. (Includes Dermal)
Get 2 piercings for $ 13 (Does not include dermal)
(= $ 6.50 each if you split the price with a friend)

Piercing prices does include jewelry & tax..

** Piercing Raffle :
= $ 13 (You will get 3 raffle tickets for $ 13)
(you don't need to be present during the drawing in order to win)

" Ear Stud Piercing Special"

Our Ear Stud jewelry is the best metal that is available on the market.. 100% Stainless Steel (no plating)
We also have all birthstone gems & a bunch of stones to choose from including pearls, black onyx & cubic zirconia
(available at regular price)

100% sterile ear piercing gun (for each piercing procedure)

** Ear Stud piercing special for babies, children & adults
(earlobe only)
1 ear stud piercing = $ 5.95
2 ear stud piercings = $ 9.95 (= total price)
(same person)

Piercing price includes jewelry & tax

** Is it your birthday today??
Lucky you!!!!

You can get 2 free piercings (Does not include dermal)
Includes jewelry

No purchase necessary

Please note :
Industrial piercings count as 1 piercing to me

I'm the only tattoo artist & piercer..

I've decided to handle my Friday The 13th Special
in a fair way so that everyone can get in on this :

I'm going to offer this special the same way as I do when I have an intense fundraiser event by myself.

** You (and your friends) can come in & prepay for this special to be received on another day. Like your day off, my next available opening for this special, & so on.
Please Note : I don't accept verbal appointments.
All prepaid appointments must be made in person only.

** I don't take checks or credit cards. I always run out of change, so bring correct change.

** I won't be able to successfully do walk ins.
If I'm in the middle of tattooing or piercing anyone,
alot of people will be standing in the shop waiting to talk to me & I won't have the time to stop & tell them anything or set up their session.

Usually I do that part while my artists & piercers do the tattoos & piercings.

This way, I can do better work without getting exhausted & I won't need to turn anyone away. Everyone will be able to choose what they want to get when they show up for their scheduled appt. (unless you already have a tattoo in mind, you can bring in your own design desired. (On your phone is ok) Remember where you found it so we can find it again when you get here. check with me to make sure it can be accepted for your tattoo chosen & the placement on the body chosen).. We will have more time to get your work done, without feeling pressured..
Plus.. I definitely won't run out of supplies or get booked up & everyone can have the opportunity to get in on this.

** Due to Mine & Sky's health, I might have to reschedule your appointment for another day.
Also.. Check with me if you need help to choose a tattoo that I will be able to do..
Please note : I can't ever tattoo or pierce anyone on a Sunday.. (No tattoo appts available on Saturday/Piercing appts on Saturday are ok)

I can't do more than 1 person per day.
If you & a friend(s) want to get in on this, I will split you into different days from each other. You can still come in with each other for moral support if you would like to do that..

I have many restrictions in order to recieve a tattoo or piercing in our establishment. Illustrated Lady Tattoo & Piercing Studio & School does reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason or at anytime.

** There will be NO REFUNDS, CREDIT OR EXCHANGES on any money that I have recieved.
Make sure that you are willing to be flexible on design chosen, placement on the body, possibility of rescheduling your appointment & agree to how all of my specials are to be used. No call no show appointments won't get another chance to get another appointment, make sure that you get in touch with me if you can't make it to your appointment or you will miss out.

**All of these Friday The 13th Specials for June do NOT apply to any of my prior specials. You will still get all of those specials until your tattoo(s) or piercings are completed.

* No Children *
No One Under 18 Allowed
(Unless they are making a piercing appointment with their parent or guardian, can't stay inside studio after appointment has been completed)

Illustrated Lady Tattoo & Piercing Studio & School
500 S.W. 6th Avenue
Amarillo, Texas
(806) 373-8707

We are located at the corner of 6th Street & Jackson Street
on Historic Route 66 - downtown - 2 blocks from the bus station. (Route 8)