Friday The 13th Specials For 2013

Start: Sept. 13, 2013, 5 p.m.

Event at Illustrated Lady Tattoo & Piercing Studio & School

Noon - 6 pm & 8:30 pm - 12:30 am

$ 13 tattoos (No $ 7 tip required.)
Choose as many colors as you want..
No pre-selected designs

Get anything you want as long as it's a simple design, no bigger than 2x2"
You can bring your own design. it must be already the size you want & you must bring the printout. (not on your phone)

Piercings under $ 13..

Piercings = $ 9.95 each. (Includes Dermal)

Get 2 piercings for $ 13 (Does not include dermal)
(= $ 6.50 each if you split the price with a friend)

Piercing prices does include jewelry & tax..

Is it your birthday today??
Lucky you!!!!

You can get 2 free piercings (Does not include dermal)
Includes jewelry

No purchase necessary

Please note :
Industrial piercings count as 1 piercing to me

I've decided to handle my Friday The 13th Special
in a fair way so that everyone can get in on this :

I'm going to offer this special the same way as I do when I have an intense fundraiser event by myself.

You (and your friends) can come in & prepay for this special to be received on another day. Like your day off, my next available opening for this special, & so on.

I don't take checks or credit cards. I always run out of change, so bring correct change.

I won't be able to successfully do walk ins.
If I'm in the middle of tattooing or piercing anyone,
alot of people will be standing in the shop waiting to talk to me & I won't have the time to stop & tell them anything or set up their session.

Usually I do that part while my artists & piercers do the work

This way, I can do better work without getting exhausted & I won't need to turn anyone away. Everyone will be able to choose what they want to get when they show up for their scheduled appt. (unless they already have a tattoo in mind, they can bring in their own design desired).. We will have more time to get your work done, without feeling pressured..
Plus.. I definitely won't run out of supplies or get booked up
& everyone can have the opportunity to get in on this..

My doors are officially open so that you can
come in & start setting up your appointment..