Black Friday Tattoo Special EXTENDED

Start: Nov. 27, 2015, 8 p.m.

Event at Studio 6 Tattoo


As I am fielding this chaos, and watching my phone buzz around my desk, I realized that there is absolutely no way I am answering all the emails and returning all of the missed calls I received. So Fine Art For Bodies is pleased to announce....

The same terms apply, only now, since I'll probably be answering messages and emails all week anyway, if you get your written request in before Monday, I will honor the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Terms.

Why? Because out of my undying librian dedication to fairness That's why. Because I did an absolutely horrible job promoting it (which is why you should all subscribe to my website), because Facebook totally cockblocked all of my PAID adverts, and I feel bad that a lot of people who would have taken advantage probably missed it.

And because it was a huge success despite, and ultimately because people REALLY appreciated it, and I am very thankful to you guys :)

Happy Holidays.

To be eligible:
-Your written request must be received by CYBER MONDAY November 30, 2015, via email, contact form at, or online scheduled appointment.
-Must be ready to prepay for requested session time upon reaching or being reached by Tariq Sabur or Fine Art For Bodies personnel during the subsequent week.
-If I am unable to return all call/messages and collect payments during the first week of January, must be ready to pre-pay for your session time at the time that we do get in touch, which will IN NO CASE be later than Dec 15th, 2015.

Per the terms of this promotion,
FOR THIS PROMOTION, I am not doing any in-depth consulting, quotes, or estimates on specific tattoos, but rather offering people a chance to purchase time at a discount. If you send me a complete tattoo request (which, by all means, PLEASE do!) which can sometimes have several day or week long turnaround time, I will not complete your full intake process at this time, but I will instead endeavor to contact you back sooner to discuss how to you can take advantage of the promotion.

If you somehow miss this... that would really suck. So dont! (smile emoticon)

Purchase any session or any merch between now and Monday take advantage of these great rates!
$50 / hour discount,
50% Off all art and Merch, and
$50 minimum tattoos.

So if you've been wanting to get tattooed up and financials are getting in the way, you can get tattooed now, next week, or next year, but now is the time to get it.

$50 PER HOUR DISCOUNT!! That's 75/hr, 2hr minimum.
Session time will include your consult, design, prep, and tattoo time. No limit!
Book a 2 hr and save $100 bucks, on a small piece, put it towards a large piece, or prepay for 1000 hrs (please!!?) for a damn near friggin 10 year supply of super discount but AWESOME tattoos.
Give them to friends! Get group tattoos, tattoo your name on everyone!(just joking)
50% OFF all art and merch. From paintings, to prints, to original art. everything must go. Probably even sell some blank panels, shit.
$50 minimum tattoos! Will be a couple of pages of flash to chose from, or bring in your own, subject to approval. Must be finished, tattoo ready art. Anything not eligible can still be under discount rates smile emoticon *
These will probably not be able to be done the same day, but can be scheduled anytime the coming week or later!!
Go to for rules.
Happy Holidays folks!!