Barber Woodworking 10th Anniversary Open House and Pinewood Derby

Start: June 9, 2016, 10 p.m.

End: June 10, 2016, midnight

Event at Safe House Tattoo Studio

Hello! We're so excited about our upcoming open house and we would love to for you to be a part of it. Once again, our good friends at Safehouse Tattoo are partnering with us to sponsor this event, and once again our main event of the night will be the Pinewood Derby! The simplest way for you to participate is to plan on attending on June 9th, 2016 - hang out, eat food, and cheer on your favorite cars in the derby!

But if you REALLY want to have some fun, we would LOVE for you to make a car and join the race! To do that, all you have to do is make a car and register at least one week prior to the open house. You can register Here:

For ideas and examples of just how creative you can get with these derby cars, check out the link below:

To make it even easier, we have a limited number of car kits available for FREE - all you have to do is message us here on FB and then come by to pick up a kit (while supplies last). That said, here are the rules for the race:

-You do NOT have to use an official BSA car blank and/or kit
-Whether you use a kit or not, your car must be standard width (to fit on the track)
- You may use any and all high performance derby car parts, or make your own.
- You may modify your wheels and axles in any way that you like (to reduce friction and increase speed)
- You may use any type of lubricant on the wheels and axels. Graphite, Snake Oil, Bacon Grease - you name it.

- Your car needs to weight in at 5 ounces or less (we will have a digital scale at the race for a final weight in)
- Your car may not exceed 5" in height, or it will not fit under the finish line.

- Lastly, please don't enter an existing car (one that you still have from a previous race).

Essentially, the only tradional Boy Scouts of America rules that we are following is the width and weight of the car. Beyond that, anything goes! We want you to make your car as fast and creative as possible. We'll have prizes for the fastest car, best looking car, and the crowd favorite car. If you have any other questions please message us and we will be glad to help. Hope to see you there!