ALL DAY Tattoo Sessions

Start: July 20, 2016, 9 p.m.

End: Aug. 3, 2016, midnight

Event at Guru Tattoo Studio

Summers here and that means your tax refunds have been long spent. This poses some problems for all of us, as we love doing larger tattoos, just as much as you crave getting em’. Alas, we at Guru have the solution to all of your problems. We’re offering, all day tattoo sessions, in other words for a set price you come in and we will tattoo you, ALL DAY.

So lets break this down, Our normal rate is $150/hr, if you were to do an 8hr tattoo session, that would set you back, $1200!!! Of course a tattoo from us is hella worth it, but who has that kind of disposable income in the summertime? Listen, we’d prefer to not be tattooing the Kardashians and the Trumps.

So check this out, This is not a discount, a deal or a special, this is a means to solve a problem, a way for us to give back to the community, the working men and women that are the life blood to this great county and surrounding areas and at the same time fill up some of our slower days with some pretty rad tattoos that clients normally wouldn’t be able to afford.

(Sorry for sham-wowing the hell outta this, I couldn’t resist.)
So what’s a whole day of tattooing going to run you if not $1200, will it be $1000.. LOWER! Will it be $800? LOWER!!! What… will it be $600? LOWER!!!!! We’re going to do a full day of tattooing for just $500!!!!!!!!!!! (that’s $700 FREE from the normal rate.)

So how does this work?


-You come to the shop discus your tattoo ideas with the artist of your choice and set up an- appointment ( A good faith deposit will be required at this time).
-Next come in for your appointment and the artist you choose is yours for the whole day, to do with as you please, most choose getting tattooed, but cuddling can be arranged.

*The dates of the sessions will be at our slower times only.
*This will be for a limited time. (Meaning if you start a piece, don’t come back months later expecting to finish it at this price)
*We reserve the right to hide penises in your tattoos (TOTALLY JOKING…or are we, this may or may not add some adventure to the tattooing experience.)
*Sessions shall not be shared (i.e per person)
*Must be used in same visit, breaks are allowed, remember you got us for the day.

Once this promo is over, it will be over. No exception. If you snooze you lose

We look forward to hooking you up with an awesome tattoo or a relaxing cuddle session.