Start: Feb. 13, 2015, 2 a.m.

Event at INKfamous tattoo studio

Annual $13 special ($7 "lucky" tip required!)

Q. What tattoo can I get?
A. There are 8 pages of custom designs by our artist to choose from
(Look for designs on our INKfamous Fb page in the weeks leading up to the event)

Q. Can I bring my own design
A. No, do to the number of people who attend we cannot do custom designs.

Q.Why is tipping mandatory?
A. We are doing these tattoos under our normal minimum rate, we make nothing if you don't tip!

Q. Can I change the design?
A. You can alter colors (if design is color) and you can remove the 13 if you would like. No other exceptions

Q. Can I place them anywhere on my body?
A. No neck! No "private" areas

Q. Do I need or can I make an appointment?
A. No it's walk-ins only, first come first served. Shortest wait is typically around 12-1

Q. If I bring a friend can I earn a punch on my referral card?
A. No, while we thank you for your support. Punches are only earned for full price.

Q. Can I get more than one?
A. No, due to the number of people we can only tattoo per person.

All are welcome! Tell a friend and let's have a great time!